the Aphoenity Story

Aphoenity is the story of a Phoenix and its affinity to selected individuals. A phoenix lives its life cycle and at the end of which it combusts into flames. It is then returned with renewed life, vigor, and spirit.

going beyond for you

You matter to us. And because you’re at the foremost top in our minds, your aspirations drive us to deliver nothing short of perfection. You can realize your dreams and goals with confidence and conviction. Success cannot be complete without “U”.

.We share our success

We believe in the Open Exchange of Information.
We believe that No Man is an Island. Different Individuals have Different Skillsets. We leverage on each other as a team to succeed.

fall in love with our Services

Financial Risk Management

We study your financial risk profile and understand in detail its position in the global market and economic standpoint. We ensure your risk is well mitigated and your profits are maximized.

Wealth Preservation

Our myriad methods of ensuring the wealth is retained builds a loyal following amongst our clients.

Estate and Inheritance

We are fully certified to advise and draft estate and inheritance documents that will ensure that each and every family wealth is retained and unsquandered.

Wealth Accumulation

We pride ourselves in our ability to generate consistent results for our clients year on year. Our clients are able to achieve their financial aspirations faster with us.

Business Owners Solutions

With comprehensive solution packages, the business owners that follow us are always ensured to have the best services and employee benefits in the market.

Investment Management

Our strongest and most valuable asset is our Investment Managements. We are able to provide and give advice and strategic global solutions to our clients.


Embark on a highly rewarding and life-changing experience.